State Exams & Theses

Our Anti-Plagiarism Policy,

1.) Students may not use the words (even parts of sentences), ideas, or images of another author without proper citations (author, title, page number, or appropriate internet address). This also includes paraphrases of the original text or author. The beginning and ending of direct quotations should always be absolutely clear in the text, with quotation marks (“ ”) distinguishing the quotation from the student’s own words. Any violation of this standard may be considered plagiarism. This applies to all academic work done by students at the English Department.

2.) The punishment for plagiarism is failure of the course. Students retaking the same course must complete all of the requirements and attend 50% – 80% of the seminars, depending on the wishes of the professor/instructor. Students caught plagiarizing a second time will be reported to the disciplinary board.

3.) The department will keep the original copy of the plagiarized text on file.