Department of Art Culture

The Department of Art Culture focuses its educational and artistic activities mainly on establishing a creative environment that encourages students to do their own artistic creations. For this purpose, a traditional exhibition of bachelor and master theses “BPDP” is organized and the Annual prize of the Department of Art Culture is awarded to the most successful students’ projects.

The students of the department can further realize their potential during the artistic-integration festival “Integra Jam”. During this festival, the pupils of primary and secondary schools collaborate on projects with physically or mentally disadvantaged children.

In the field of art education, the most important achievement of the department and its students is a project day that is organized regularly with nursery and primary schools in Povrly. Students participate in the festival called “Young for Young”. They also cooperate with regional galleries on gallery animation programs during their studies. For instance, in the Roudnice gallery, the department organizes a “Gallery night”.

Probably the most attractive of the study programs offered by the Department of Art Culture is the single major bachelor’s degree in Art Education that can be supplemented by a following master’s program. The department also offers a double-major bachelor’s degree in art education and the following double-major program “Teaching of Art Education”. Brand new in the department is the socially oriented “Art Education in Helping Professions”.