Department of Art Education

The activities of the department are focused on the systematic connection between theoretical background and teaching experience with regard to the age and individual specifics of children from pre-primary and primary schools. Professional courses and excursions in the relevant field of aesthetics and workshops are an essential part of teaching. Emphasis is also placed on the output, such as students’ work and activities that are published in exhibitions and at concerts. The department realizes its activities mainly in study programs Teaching in Pre-schools and Teaching for Primary Schools. Outputs from students’ and teachers’ activities were in the past presented not only on various places throughout the Ústí region but also in the Prague gallery PRE or in Brussels. The exhibition in Brussels was organized thanks to the support of the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union and was very successful. In artistic and educational activities, the department focuses primarily on the project “Výchova umením jako komunikacní akt v širším kontextu” (“Art education as an act of communication in a broader context”). Within this project, a series of workshops, exhibitions and concerts are introduced. These events are related to communication in art-science disciplines across different social groups. One of the most visible projects that the members of the department participate in, is a benefit concert “Zpíváme pro tebe” (“We are singing for you”). The funds that are raised are always donated to the acquisition of assistive technology for selected disadvantaged