Department of Czech Studies

The focus of the department’s creative and educational activity lies in providing quality lecturing in bachelor’s (Czech Language and Literature, Czech Language and Literature in Education) and subsequent master’s degree courses (Czech Language and Literature Teaching for Primary Schools and Czech Language and Literature Teaching for Secondary Schools). The Slavonic department provides personnel for the bachelor’s program Business Russian. The department also organizes post-graduate PhD studies in Education Theory of the Czech Studies. This program focuses on the development of interdisciplinary relations between Bohemian studies and educational disciplines and aims at Czech language teaching for both native and non-native speakers of Czech, pupils of Czech and foreign schools as well as adults.

Professional specialization of the department’s members reflects the diverse range of Bohemian disciplines: the department has experienced university professors, i. e. linguists, literary scholars, experts on language and literature teaching and on Slavic studies. Members of the department have published more than twenty monographs in the area of communication theory, literary theory and history, lexicology and word formation, language and journalistic style, sound aspects of speeches in media and at school, and Czech teaching at the elementary and secondary schools in the past five years. They are also authors or co-authors of Czech language textbooks and teachers guides for the textbooks.