Department of Education

The mission of the Department of Education is to prepare students as professionally and morally as possible for their future highly qualified employment in the field of education and development of all groups of children, youth and adults.

The educational activity of the department is focused on preparing prospective teachers, managers in education and members of other assisting professions. The department offers specialized courses for students of bachelor programs focused on education, courses of the program Specialization in Pedagogy and for students of Teaching in Primary Schools and Secondary School Teacher Education. It also provides courses in bachelor’s programs: Pedagogy of Leisure Time, Social Pedagogy, School Management and the master’s program: Educator for Special Educational Facilities.

The creative activity of the department is mainly concentrated on empirical research of pedagogical phenomena associated with psycho-didactic management of the educational process, genesis and influence of children’s concepts from different areas, methodological aspects of research and diagnosis of children’s concepts, special education, school and teaching management, philosophy, theory of education, social work and social education, and last but not least inclusive pedagogy.

Another area of creative activity aims at issues related to the primary and secondary school teachers, standards of the teaching profession and the issue of cooperation of pedagogical-psychological disciplines with didactics of concrete subjects, funding and economic aspects of education.

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