Department of Physical Education

The department is responsible for the preparation of prospective teachers of physical education and other professions focused on work with children, youth or adults connected to physical education. The educational activities of the department are focused primarily on cultivating students’ relationships to physical education and sport so that they are equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competencies in the areas of the psychology and ethics of sports for their future career.

As part of the preparation for their profession, the students are introduced to the peculiarities of physical educational specificity of physical activity among children and youth through a number of sport disciplines. Often these disciplines are very unusual ones. In addition, their aention focuses on the issues of sports training, human anatomy and processes that characterize the functioning of organs under physical load. Students will gain insight into the issues related to the perception of sport as an important society-wide phenomenon that is an inseparable part of society’s historical development.

The second focal point of the department’s activity is research within which the department members are involved on the study of projects that concentrate on specific areas of their specialization. Among the fundamental scientific issues addressed by the Department of Physical Education and Sport members belong: movement activities for people with disabilities, the evaluation of selected physiological and somatic aspects of movement and health-related fitness of selected populations, application of didactic technologies, and the analysis of player’s and referee's performance in sport games.

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