Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education

The Department of Pre-primary and Primary Education is involved in the creation and realization of many study programs. The members of the department are responsible for teaching common-core courses (philosophy, ethics, history, biology of children, mathematics, etc.), didactics of specific subjects (didactics of elementary science, elementary Czech geography, etc.), specialized subjects (sex education, health education and medical skills, nature and work with natural products, etc.), and applied educational disciplines (primary and pre-primary education, didactics of primary and pre-primary education, communication skills, personal and social development).

The research activity is focused mainly on biological development, and the lifestyle and education of children living in different socioeconomic conditions. It is also focused on research on selected aspects of environmental literacy for elementary school pupils as well as university students and on research of pupils’ psychomotor skills. In the primary pedagogy we are concentrated on the field of natural sciences, research oriented teaching, work with gifted children and the implementation of innovative approaches in teaching.

The department guarantees and provides courses in bachelor’s study programs Teaching in Pre-schools and Social-pedagogical Assistance and in master’s programs Teaching in Primary Schools and Teaching in Primary Schools and Special Schools.

The department considers crucial a close cooperation with pre-schools and primary schools in the region and supports the dissemination of quality teaching practices.