Department of Psychology

The department organizes many domestic and international events, such as conferences and practical workshops, that are focused on current topics in psychology as well as topics of interdisciplinary character. One of the most important is a conference with international impact - “Ústecké psychologické dny” that concentrates on current research and educational issues.

The members of the department realize much research, educational and developmental projects which are a crucial part of the pedagogical faculty’s activities. The department is, through its research, practically engaged in enriching the quality of life, i. e. in the psychology of health, mental hygiene and psychomotor education, social psychology (addictions, aggression, gender, work with individuals and groups) and in the possibilities of moral and social skills and competency development.

Generally, the activities of the department can be divided into two areas. Besides the above mentioned scientific-research area, aention is focused on educational activities which consist of lectures in psychological disciplines for students of all undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. The courses offered by the Department of Psychology are part of the compulsory common-core courses and at the same time, there are elective subjects introduced each semester that are focused on current psychological issues. Emphasis is placed primarily on improving vocational and social skills and competencies, and on the issues involving the psychology of education and on quality of