Department of English

The Department of English educates prospective teachers of English. The Department of English offers both – Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Both degrees can be obtained in a single major English program. In cooperation with other departments we also teach a double major program which provides degrees with disciplines such as German, Czech, History, Music, etc.  Applicants for the Master’s program need not have completed their Bachelor Degree at our department but do need a relevant Bachelor’s degree from another university in order to be eligible.

Our program focuses on a wide range of disciplines to ensure our students receive the most comprehensive education possible. These disciplines include literary studies, linguistics, cultural studies, and ELT methodology. Further, we offer a dynamic practical language program that allows students to improve their English skills. The department hosts an annual international conference entitled Challenges that brings together educators from throughout the world. We also work closely with Erasmus students and invite their participation in our department’s activities. Those considering studies at our department will be welcomed by a competent and professional international team of university professors from the Czech Republic, the United States, the UK, Australia, Germany and Russia.